PT Problem of the Day: @VLine using Southern Cross platforms for stabling means a long walk to your train

Your train departs from platform 8B - will you make it?
V/Line uses platforms at Southern Cross as stabling

Your train to Geelong and Wendouree is about to depart — can you make it to platform 8B in time?

Thanks to V/Line’s lack of stabling, they are now routinely leaving trains in the platform at Southern Cross during the day, between the peaks.

This means passengers often have to walk a full city block along the platform, from the booking office at Collins Street to beyond Bourke Street, to platforms like 7B and 8B to catch the train. Some passengers end up having to run along the platform to avoid missing it.

One answer might be to provide more stabling, but another would be to keep more trains running throughout the day to plug holes in the current hourly gaps between services on lines to regional areas (as well as some outer-Melbourne stations).

This would help cut waiting times and crowding, and encourage more people to use trains more often.

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