PT Problem of the Day: Geelong trains to bypass Werribee from 2016

No V/Line to Werribee from 2016

We’re told that some 1500 people travel on the Geelong line to and from Werribee every week. The Regional Rail Link project, expected to open in 2016, will result in a big boost in track capacity, allowing more Metro and V/Line trains to run, but will also see Geelong trains bypass Werribee.

It’s not clear how passengers travelling between Geelong and the Werribee line will be catered for. There will not be a direct interchange between V/Line and Metro trains in the Werribee area. There may be a bus connection provided between the new Wyndham Vale station and Werribee station, but it’s unclear how long this would take, and if buses would meet each train.

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