PT Problem of the Day: most V/Line trains don’t stop at essential interchange stations on weekends

V/Line trains don't stop at interchange stations on weekends (sign at North Melbourne)

You would think they’d want to make it easier to use their services, but most V/Line trains don’t stop at major inner-city interchange stations such as Richmond and North Melbourne on weekends. Outbound trains also bypass these hubs on weekday mornings, and inbound trains on weekday afternoons.

It’s not only confusing, it’s inconvenient for passengers, particularly those trying to connect from suburban train lines, who must often catch a train all the way into the city and right around the Loop to catch a V/Line which with better timetabling they could have caught at North Melbourne or Richmond.

Having V/Line trains consistently stop at North Melbourne and Richmond would barely affect the timetable, but would make a big difference to passengers.

Sadly this is set to get worse when the Regional Rail Link project is completed — Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong line trains will bypass North Melbourne completely.

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