State quiet on train lines

THE Kennett government didn’t survive long enough to face the consequences of privatising the roads that became CityLink. It opened in 2000, a year after Kennett was voted out. Moreover, most of the losers from the decision to toll existing roads were in ALP-held seats. CityLink’s main effect was an explosion in private car travel in the north-west and south-east corridors, far beyond the increase in economic activity it should have created. Within five years, Monash Freeway congestion was as bad as, or worse than, the old days of the ”South-Eastern car park”.

The Baillieu government is pushing an East/West road link while remaining quiet on the train lines it was elected to build. Victorians should consider whether they really want to pay road tolls, just so they can drive more and suffer the same congestion for more hours every day.

Tony Morton, secretary, Public Transport Users Association — letter published in The Age 18/7/2012