PT Problem of the Day: Do you want a #Myki receipt? “No” means one; “Yes” means two.

Myki receipts: "Yes" means 2, "No" means 1.

It’s common for Myki machines to have lots of receipts in the collection tray at the bottom. It’s hardly surprising when you consider how the system is designed.

Myki machines will ask if you want to print a receipt. But if your transaction is paid by EFTPOS (including credit card), if you say yes to a receipt, it actually prints two — the main receipt, and a second one detailing your payment card details.

If you say no you don’t want a receipt, it still prints one — the one with your payment card details on it. No wonder so many get left behind.

This is in stark contrast to companies such as supermarkets, many of whom (even with credit card transactions) give an option of either a single receipt, or none at all.

This receipt-printing hardware could, of course, be used to print single-use paper tickets — but as it is, with Metcard machines fast disappearing, these will no longer be available.

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