PT Problem of the Day: No short term tickets already causing problems at #Myki-only stations

Metcard gone: no more short term tickets on sale

As we suspected: feedback we’re getting indicates occasional users are already having problems following the withdrawal of Metcard machines (and the only single-use ticket option) from almost all railway stations. You can still buy Metcards from ticket offices, and on-board trams and buses for now, but soon those options will disappear as well.

Regular users might find they get used to Myki eventually, but for occasional users (including tourists) it’s not easy, particularly at unstaffed stations. Even if they are familiar with the zone system and can figure out how to buy a $6 Myki card (and are willing to pay that fee on top of a fare), the information provided at stations makes it nearly impossible to work out how much money to topup the card with to be able to make a trip.

Myki may be working relatively smoothly for some, but it’s clear that with no short term ticket option, we’re going to be left with a ticket system that is hostile to new and occasional public transport users.

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