PT Problem of the Day: “#Myki users urged to swipe, not touch or wave” – WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

"Myki users urged to swipe, not touch" - WRONG!

On Thursday the Transport Ticketing Authority issued a media release with some good advice for new users of Myki: “touch, don’t swipe, touch, don’t wave, touch don’t rub, touch, don’t tap”.

The Myki web site, however, managed to turn this message backwards, highlighting on the home page the completely wrong advice to “swipe, not touch or wave”. Wrong!

Fortunately by Sunday morning they’d fixed it, but how many new Myki users saw the above text and got precisely the wrong message?

The TTA will need to ensure that Myki devices are more reliable and respond more consistently quickly. But it would also help if they were more clear in their messages to users.

via TheMykiUser on Twitter

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