PT Problem of the Day: #Myki gate problems last week – due to a buggy software release?

Fare gates: Metcard only

If you noticed problems with station gates last week, you weren’t alone. Many (both the older Metcard gates retro-fitted with Myki readers, and the newer Myki-only gates) didn’t respond, and at one stage at Parliament station, all gates were thrown open to prevent huge delays to peak hour crowds.

We received unverified information that the issue was caused by untested Myki software, released by contractor Kamco without the Transport Ticketing Authority’s knowledge. If so, that’s pretty sloppy work by all concerned.

(If you got waved through the gates at Parliament or another station which meant you didn’t touch-off your Myki, and you believe you were incorrectly charged the two-zone default fare, we encourage you to ring 13-MYKI or report your feedback on the Myki web site to get the additional incorrect charge refunded.)

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