PT Problem of the Day: Poor weekend services don’t help traffic congestion

POTD: Punt Road weekend congestion

Punt Road on the weekend — it’s not surprising there are so many cars on the road. The Punt Road 246 bus runs every 20 minutes on Sundays, which is better than most other buses, but not great if you’re making a connection from other services.

More significantly, many of the suburbs these cars are coming from or going to have either only hourly buses on the weekend — or in some case, nothing.

As Channel 9 reported last night, on Sunday Melbourne’s trains start later than anywhere in Australia (except Adelaide) and some outer suburbs have little or no public transport options.

A frequent network of trains, trams and main road buses running every ten minutes to everywhere across Melbourne, seven days-a-week would provide more people with a genuine alternative to the car, and a way out of the traffic.

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