PT Problem of the Day: Docklands bus stops

Route 220: Docklands bus stops

Much has been spent on providing many tram platform stops around Docklands, with shelters, realtime displays, and level access — nothing less than tram users deserve.

But the 220 bus, which provides a frequent seven-day-a-week link from Docklands to Footscray, has been neglected. All bus users get is a bus stop sign. No shelter, no seat, not even a footpath to the stop. (And the eastbound stop is so hard to find we ended up having to hunt down a the picture of it from Google Streetview.)

So while some may argue that a tram route should run between Docklands and Footscray, a quicker and cost-effective first step might be to make sure the bus stops are useable.

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(Tip-off: Melanie. Eastbound pic source: Google Streetview)