PT Problem of the Day: #MetroTrains Twitter feed no longer timely or accurate

POTD: Metro's Twitter feed: No longer timely or accurate

As noted in The Age recently, Metro has changed its Twitter feed, with minor (less than fifteen minutes) disruptions no longer posted, and instead more interaction with other Twitter users.

But it appears this has also led to problems with major disruption information.

Yesterday was a prime example: there was a suspension of services on the Sydenham line, and this information was posted on Metro’s web site, which led to it being relayed onto Twitter by unofficial feeds at around 5:20pm.

But for followers of the official Metro Twitter feed, this news didn’t come through until 5:50pm, at least half-an-hour later.

Worse, this was followed by an offical but incorrect post that replacement buses were arriving at Flinders Street — despite train services only being affected between Footscray and Sydenham. This was eventually corrected some fifteen minutes later.

This is not good enough, and shows the clear downgrade in Metro’s Twitter service in the last few weeks. Until recently it was both timely and accurate. Yesterday it was neither.

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