PT Problem of the Day: Nightrider misses out on stop-specific timetables

POTD: Nightrider stop timetables

One genuinely worthwhile upgrade in recent years has been the Metlink provision of stop-specific timetables at every train, tram and bus stop across Melbourne.

But Nightrider stops missed out. Instead, stops display times from the start of the route, and ask you to “use the route map to calculate approximate time” — as if timetables aren’t difficult enough to read in the middle of the night.

Metlink do have the stop times in their database — they’re on the web site. But if you can’t access the web site on your phone, and you can’t do the maths to figure it out, and obviously you can’t ring them up to ask (the call centre closes at midnight), then you’ll just have to wait in the dark for your bus — and hope you haven’t missed the last one.

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