PT Problem of the Day: Fountain Gate – PT nightmare

Fountain Gate shopping centre bus stop

It should hardly be a surprise that anybody with a choice gets to Fountain Gate Shopping Centre by car. The centre has some of the most infrequent buses in Melbourne, and to cap it off, some passengers have to wait for buses in delightful spots such as this — with no seating and no rain cover.

Some routes use the main part of the interchange, which is a little better, but all of the bus stops are located an unpleasantly long distance from the entrance to the centre, while motorists can park right out front.

Passengers who give up on the bus (which of course doesn’t connect well with the local train services) and instead walk from Narre Warren Station will find it a confusing walk with little signage to guide them, and will have to navigate a way through multiple car parks and across several access roads to get there.

No wonder almost everybody drives instead.

(Yes, Fountain Gate is a real place — it’s not just from Kath & Kim.)

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