PT Problem of the Day: Flinders St Station entrances close early

Flinders Street Stn: Elizabeth Street exit closed

The Elizabeth Street and Southbank entrances to Flinders Street Station close at 10pm, even on busy Friday and Saturday nights. Some passengers are unaware until they find the closed gate — and some decide rather than walk around, to climb over it.

Flinders Street Stn: Elizabeth Street exit closed

Passengers attempting to enter from Southbank and Elizabeth Street have to walk up to the entrance opposite Degraves Street. This extra distance could easily be the difference between just making your train, and having to wait half-an-hour for the next one.

Apparently it’s a cost-cutting measure, so Metro don’t have to pay staff for the gates. But this doesn’t make sense, as it’s common to find the remaining open gates at Degraves Street and Swanston Street unstaffed at these times.

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