PT Problem of the Day: Two ticketing systems causing confusion and adding to costs

POTD: Two ticketing systems causing confusion

It’s coming up on a year since both Myki and Metcard have been operating in parallel on all Melbourne public transport services. The government continues to dither over making a decision on whether they’ll keep Myki or not. While it’s been hugely expensive and problematic, Myki largely works now — in fact many of its problems are because it has to coexist with Metcard.

Running the two systems is also adding to costs to taxpayers, and is causing confusion — often you’ll see tourists and other occasional users trying to “touch” their Metcards on the Myki readers. The placement of Metcard machines also prevents more Myki machines being installed, for instance to allow topups on buses and trams, and on more station platforms.

It’s time the government decided one way or the other, and got on with the job.

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