PT Problem of the Day: Accessible tram stops built where no accessible trams run

POTD: Accessible tram stops served by non-accessible trams

It seems illogical: a number of wheelchair accessible (DDA) tram stops have been installed on tram routes that never get a low-floor tram. They include stops along St Kilda Road south of the junction (routes 3 and 67), along route 59, and this stop on route 64. While able-bodied passengers may enjoy the improved amenity of the upgraded stop, those who really need the platforms still can’t catch trams there.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus the building of accessible stops on routes that have at least some low-floor trams?

On the upside, it could be a decade or more away, but when those routes eventually do get low-floor trams, the stops will be ready for them.

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