PT Problem of the Day: who makes sure it’s just buses in the bus lanes?

POTD: Blocked bus lanes

This is Lonsdale Street. Bus lanes bring undoubted benefits, allowing buses to overtake stopped traffic. But policing them seems to be rare, and it’s not uncommon to see a bus carrying dozens of people held up by a car with one. It may be as simple as a motorist stopping a few centimetres too far over the line.

In London and Sydney and other cities they put cameras along the street or in the front of buses to catch motorists doing the wrong thing and ensure a smooth run for bus users.

Hoddle Street is also a problem, for a different reason. There is no bus lane in the northbound direction — instead there is a T2 lane, theoretically limited to buses and cars carrying two or more people, but again, enforcement is non-existent, leaving buses to get caught in the traffic.

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