PT Problem of the Day: what are tram routes 7, 47, 81, 89? – mystery route numbers

POTD: mystery route numbers

It’s hard enough navigating public transport without throwing in mystery route numbers. There are dozens of them on the tram network — not on maps, not in the timetables.

Many of these “ghost” tram routes run from the City into the suburbs, generally to tram depots. They could save you a long wait, but because almost nobody knows the numbers, they don’t get used. Years after they were highlighted in the media, they remain.

Renumbering them, for example to use a primary route number with a suffix (such as 86A, instead of the unknown 89), would make the tram system more useable.

Update: We understand Yarra Trams is working on this, and some on-board tram maps already use route numbers with suffixes to show short runs.

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