PT Problem of the Day: Train timetables getting more, or less complicated? (and Laburnum loses out)

POTD: Train timetables not getting any simpler

There’s a lot of talk about simplifying train timetables; making them easier to understand and more reliable to run. It makes sense, to cut delays, make better use of track capacity, and make navigating the rail system easier.

But the reality is somewhat different. This is a page showing the new timetable (starting this Monday) for the morning peak on the Belgrave/Lilydale lines. One of the changes in this timetable is that fewer trains will stop at Laburnum, not only increasing waiting times there, but also making the timetable more complicated.

In just over an hour, between Blackburn and Richmond, we counted six different stopping variations (excluding Alamein trains). So there’s a long way to go before we get simple timetables.

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