Right train of thought

MALCOLM Turnbull’s call for a major investment in public transport, particularly rail, is right on the money (“Try rail, says Liberal”, Herald Sun, July 14).

An increasingly energy hungry world competing for dwindling oil supplies can only send petrol prices upwards, particularly hurting families without decent transport alternatives.

Lingering drought is a small foretaste of the climate change that is an unavoidable consequence of our fossil fuel addiction.

Communities right around Melbourne — from Melton to Rowville, from Mornington to South Morang — are crying out for rail lines to provide an escape from congestion and rising oil prices.

There is still time before the November state election for the major parties to produce strategies better suited to this era.

Daniel Bowen, president, Public Transport Users Association, Melbourne

(Herald Sun. Jul 17, 2006. pg. 16)