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About Commuter Club discounted Myki Passes

19/12/2016 – Orders have re-opened with 2017 pricing. (This occurs during December due to PTV deadlines.)

PTUA offers discounted yearly Myki Passes through Public Transport Victoria’s (PTV) Commuter Club. The offer involves a more than 9% discount on the retail price of a 365-day Myki Pass. This means that 12 months travel costs less than ten 30-day Passes, so it is an excellent deal for regular travellers. If you are not a PTUA member already, even after paying our $50 membership fee the Commuter Club Myki still gives you a substantial saving.

Important: We place orders once a month. This restriction is imposed by PTV. You need to order and pay us by the 8th of the month (except December*), and the Yearly Pass is normally delivered approximately 2 weeks later. (*More details below.)

Myki card

Once your order has been processed, the Pass operates from the first time you touch on. It is refundable pro-rata from PTV under certain circumstances. The Pass is registered in your name to protect the balance should the card be stolen or lost, and it allows you to get information regarding your card when you call the Myki helpline (1800 800 007). You can create an online account to manage your Commuter Club Myki. You can also elect whether or not to have your name on the card.


Zones PTUA Commuter Club 365-day Myki pass ^ Surcharge if paying
by credit card
Compare to 2017 retail prices
365 day Pass retail 12 x 30 day Myki Passes
Zone 1 and 2 $1,465 + $50 membership* = $1,515 $37 $1,599 $1,771
Zone 2 only $1,000 + $50 membership* = $1,050 $26 $1,092 $1,210

* $50 membership is not payable if you are a current PTUA Bronze (regular), Silver, Gold or Family/household member. Please note that Commuter Club cannot be offered to concession members because Commuter Club 365-day passes are only available at full fare.

^ Due to bank fees, a surcharge applies to ticket payment by credit card. This can be avoided by using direct bank deposit.

Common questions

How to order

Current PTUA members
Click here if you are a full current PTUA member with at least 3 months membership remaining.
Non-members and expiring members
Two steps:

  1. Click here to join the PTUA, or to renew if you have less than 3 months membership remaining. Or join by mail.
  2. Once you have joined or renewed, return here to order your Pass as a “current PTUA member”.

We can upgrade existing single memberships to Family if you wish to include other members of your household.

All enquiries can be directed by email to

Processing your order

The PTUA places 1 bulk order each month with PTV for all purchases for which we have received cleared payment by the 8th of that month (except December order which closes on 30th November) . Please note this rule will be rigidly applied – no order without full payment cleared.

New Myki cards are normally delivered to your address in the last week of the month. If you already have a Commuter Club Myki, the new 365-day Pass are normally available for loading onto your existing card around the 20th of the month.

Note: these are expected delivery/load dates after our monthly payment to PTV has been cleared – not from your date of purchase. We strongly recommend that where possible, members place orders for Commuter Club Passes early in the month prior to when the Pass is required. Note that for the December order, for next year’s travel at this year’s prices, the cut-off date is 30 November.

Bear in mind that a new Myki Pass on an existing card will not activate until after any existing Myki Pass has expired.

Why is there no Zone 1 only option?

Since 1 January 2015, Zone 1 fares have applied for travel between Zones 1 and 2. Zone 2 fares continue to apply for travel only within Zone 2.

Read more in the FAQ from PTV.

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What if I already have a normal Myki card? How does a Commuter Club Myki differ?

You cannot use a normal Myki card. Commuter Club Mykis are coded to be recognised as Commuter Club for future reloads and to manage refunds. They do not incur the normal $6 card fee. You must purchase your Myki through the program.

Once you have a Commuter Club Myki it can be operated the same as any other Myki by topping up with Myki Money for travel in zones not covered by your Pass. Note that, unlike Metcard, the Myki yearly does not cover you for travel in other zones on weekends. If your Myki Money has a negative balance you will not be able to use your Pass until the card is topped up. When you receive your Myki you can create an online account to manage it.

A registered Myki is allocated to a specific individual. Therefore it is not permitted to transfer it to any other individual at any time.

If a Commuter Club Myki is damaged, defective, lost or stolen you can apply for your Myki to be replaced.

For more information about Commuter Club Myki you can download the Myki FAQ pdf (192 Kb).

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What if I already have a Commuter Club Myki?

You can renew your Pass by purchasing a new Commuter Club 365-day Pass on your existing card, providing your card is not due to expire within the next year. A card can have 2 Passes. The new Pass is activated the first time you touch on after the old one expires, and will take precedence over any Myki Money you have on the account. The new Pass will not activate until you touch on, even if your old Pass has expired. The zone/s in which it is valid can be changed from one Pass to the next.

If you have a Commuter Club pass issued by another organisation, when applying for a PTUA Commuter Club card, you will need a new card which will recognise you as a PTUA Commuter Club traveller.

Once our payment clears with PTV, Passes are loaded electronically to your account within four (4) business days. You will need to touch on (or check it at a Myki vending machine) to load the pass from your account to your card.

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What about a Commuter Club Yearly for VLine and regional travel?

Commuter Club Mykis are only available for travel in Zones 1 and 2. PTV has told us that Commuter Club will not be provided for travel in regional areas, however they will work for V/Line travel within Zones 1 and 2 (such as from Melton, Wyndham Vale, or Tarneit to Melbourne).

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PTUA Commuter Club collects your personal information for the purpose of applying for Commuter Club 365-day Myki Passes. We must comply with PTV’s Privacy Policy in relation to the handling, use and disclosure of that personal information. We must not, through our action or omissions, cause PTV to be in breach of its Privacy Policy at any time. A copy of PTV’s Privacy Policy with regard to Commuter Club is available here. For further information see the full privacy statement on the PTV web site.