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July 2005 Newsletter

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RIP "Think Tram"

On 23rd of May the PTUA together with the Collins St traders and other groups gathered for the funeral of Tram Stop 7, corner of Collins and Russell Streets in the city.

Behind the theatrics was a serious message: up to a third of tram stops across greater Melbourne may go, as Yarra Trams, the state government and local councils have failed to agree to implement any effective tram priority at intersections.

On Collins Street, Melbourne City Council road engineers effectively blocked any option but to delete three tram stops, even refusing to reduce traffic light cycle times to minimise tram waiting times.

Meanwhile a half-baked implementation of measures on Clarendon Street in South Melbourne has failed, with local traders and residents annoyed, for little gain for trams.

Melbourne's trams must be sped up to remain competitive against car travel. The government's "Think Tram" quite rightly proposes this be done by giving trams priority over cars, most of which carry a single person. But the reality is different: tram priority simply isn?t happening.

Tram stop 7 may be all but dead, and Think Tram appears to be set to follow it to the grave.

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