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Let's get Yarra moving!

Last year, the City of Yarra held two public forums where residents were asked what the council should be doing about transport and traffic problems. Residents and traders told the council they wanted the City of Yarra to campaign against the extension of the Eastern Freeway and get public transport improved.

Now a year has passed and we've heard nothing.

According to the Northern Central City Corridor study, extending the Eastern Freeway from Mitcham to Frankston would dump at least 28,000 more cars a day at the Hoddle Street end. The inner suburbs just canít absorb that much extra traffic.

It's time our local councils started campaigning for alternatives to freeways. Right now public transport is so bad itís difficult even to get from Collingwood to Fitzroy after dark.

Nothing happened last year; but this year, the council is up for reelection.

In the Ďaspirationalí outer suburbs, the City of Knox is spending $40,000 campaigning for a train line to Rowville and a tram to Knox City. What is Yarra council doing? Let's get Yarra moving. Come along and add your voice to the call for change.

Public Meeting

Join host Rod Quantock, and speakers including Tony Morton (secretary of the PTUA) and Paul Mees (transport planning lecturer and Fitzroy resident).

6:30pm Monday 23rd August
North Carlton Baptist Church
526 Nicholson Street (corner Tempany Street)
Melway 2C A1. Tram 96 from Bourke Street.

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