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Upcoming Budget Must Be the Budget for Public Transport

The Bracks Government must significantly boost investment in public transport infrastructure and services in the upcoming State Budget if the languishing Melbourne 2030 plan is to have any chance of success, the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) warned today.

"Melbourne 2030 and the Metropolitan Transport Plan both aim to more than double public transport patronage by 2020, but yet the modal share of public transport has remained relatively static throughout the previous five years. The government must rectify this by providing urgent funding to public transport improvements to entice more than twice as many Melburnians out of their cars and onto trains, trams and buses", PTUA President Daniel Bowen said.

"Although we have minor enhancements, such as improved New Year's Eve services, the reality is that large swathes of Melbourne remain under-serviced by public transport", Mr Bowen said. "The government must commit to funding bus frequency improvements, network expansion and rectify crucial rail bottlenecks if public transport is to become an attractive option for the vast majority of Melbourne."

The Association in its budgetary submission called for the government to fund crucial bottlenecks along the Epping line and extend it to South Morang, fund tram extensions to major commercial destinations at Knox City and Doncaster Shoppingtown (via Doncaster Road), build the long proposed railway station at Southland, introduce a Smartbus in Stud Road and eliminate the level crossing at Springvale Road, Nunawading for the benefit of train passengers and road users alike.

"Opinion polls show strong demand for improved public transport, and a leaked report from the government's own handpicked Melbourne 2030 Implementation Reference Group points out the urgent need to invest in public transport to preserve Melbourne's economic competitiveness and liveability", said Mr Bowen. "Economists and credit rating agencies seem to be unanimous that the government has the financial capacity for greater investment in public transport infrastructure. The government must now demonstrate its commitment to making Melbourne 'one of the most liveable, attractive and prosperous areas in the world' through the economically sound decision to invest in sustainable transport."

The Association issued its pre-budget submission to the Treasurer, Mr Brumby, outlining public transport priorities for the 2005-06 State Budget to be released in May.

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Last Modified: 14 March 2005