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PTUA Optimistic About Transport Policy Change in Yarra

User Group Issues Scorecard on Yarra Candidates

Minor-party and Green candidates in the City of Yarra elections are committed to fundamental change in local transport policy, according to a scorecard released today by the Public Transport Users Association.

The highest rating went to candidates from local activist group Campaign for a Better City (CBC), including prominent transport activist and planning lecturer Paul Mees. Steve Jolly's Socialist Party also rated highly, as did some Green and ALP-supported candidates.

All election candidates were assessed on their response to a proposed motion to Yarra Council, a copy of which can be found on the PTUA website at The motion outlines a plan of action for the council on transport issues, including a community campaign funded from 1 per cent of the council budget. The past record of candidates in campaigning for transport policy change was also taken into account.

PTUA Secretary Tony Morton noted that the election candidates included some current and former PTUA committee members. "But we've assessed them the same way as everyone else, on their response to our motion and on their past record," he added. "Of course, these candidates are standing on their own initiative, due to their concern about transport issues, and not with any formal endorsement by the PTUA."

"We were particularly impressed with the CBC candidates, who have committed to our programme 100 per cent, and have an excellent campaign record," Dr Morton said. "We were also impressed with the commitment shown by Steve Jolly, who was a key member of the 1990s campaign against the widening of Alexandra Parade."

"The four Greens candidates have given full or partial commitments to our motion, and all support the key components, so we've rated them three to four stars out of five," Dr Morton continued. "We've also had strong commitments from ALP-supported candidates Geoff Barbour and Glen Kennedy, so we've given them four stars also."

Dr Morton said the PTUA was pleased at the number of candidates who had committed to lead a sustainable transport campaign. "In two out of the three wards, a majority of candidates have signed up to key parts of our motion," he said. "I think people recognise that sustainable transport is a vote-winner, and thanks to this we've been able to obtain important commitments on behalf of the community."

The PTUA would continue to monitor candidates' performance before and after the elections, Dr Morton said. "The City of Yarra is under serious threat from the road lobby's freeway-building agenda, and a serious council-led campaign is needed to counteract that threat and set the agenda for sustainable transport policy," concluded Dr Morton.

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Last Modified: 5 November 2004