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Public Transport: Practical Solutions for Casey

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) is glad Casey Council is finally concerned about public transport, but hopes it will look for realistic alternatives instead of the ill-conceived monorail.

"It is welcoming news that the City of Casey is concerned about public transport", PTUA Vice-President Anna Morton said. "They need to, however, look at realistic alternatives to ensure that better public transport is actually delivered".

"The City of Casey had been notorious for its lack of support in public transport. It's a welcome change for them to admit that public transport isn't as good as it could be", Dr. Morton said.

"Monorails are an excessively high cost option with low capacity and are seen simply as an infrastructure novelty toy. Plus there'd be no guarantees it would be integrated with Melbourne's ticketing structure" Dr. Morton said.

The PTUA believes that that the estimated $50 million cost of the monorail could be better spent on providing real public transport improvements, including the following:

  • A network of more frequent and longer operating SmartBus services connecting Narre Warren and Fountain Gate Shopping Centre with Cranbourne.
  • The building of the proposed Lyndhurst / Hampton Park rail station.
  • Rerouting of the Pakenham line to travel through Fountain Gate Shopping Centre.

"The PTUA proposals come to $20 million and could be implemented a lot sooner than a monorail. If Casey Council is being serious about the issue of public transport then it should also advocate for dedicated bus lanes along major roads, the proposed East Cranbourne station and the duplication of rail track between Dandenong and Cranbourne", Dr. Morton said.

SmartBus, in operation along both Springvale and Blackburn Roads, provides more frequent and longer operating bus services; as a result patronage has increased by approximately 30%, a similar program could be in operation within Casey.

"It's time for Casey Council to look seriously into the public transport needs of its residents by offering realistic proposals. Otherwise this is nothing better than their previous road based short-sightedness", Dr. Morton concluded.

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Founded in 1976, the Public Transport Users Association is the recognised consumer organisation representing passengers of public transport. The PTUA is a non-profit, voluntary organisation with no political affiliation, which lobbies governments and public transport authorities in the interest of all users of public transport.

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