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Public Transport: Abysmal in Knox

The Public Transport Users Assocation (PTUA) is calling on the state government to work constructively with the City of Knox to support Knox's Rowville rail study and to provide a SmartBus route along Stud Road.

The PTUA wants the state government to work constructively with the City of Knox to ensure real public transport improvements in 2004.

"Knox Council is the most pro-active and supportive local council in regards to public transport in the outer east", commented PTUA Vice-President Anna Morton. "The stance of Knox Council should be applauded and not condemned by the state government."

Despite being a state government responsibility, Knox Council provided $40,000 in its 2003/2004 budget for an independent study into the likely costs and physical alignment of the proposed rail line.

"The state government should support this, and can start by providing a frequent 'shadow bus' service between Stud Park (Rowville) and Huntingdale via Monash University," Dr Morton said

"This would be complemented by a SmartBus service along Stud Road via Ringwood, Knox City Shopping Centre, Stud Park and Dandenong", Dr. Morton stated. "This proposed upgrade would finally provide evening services to Knox City Shopping Centre and allow passengers to transfer between the two proposed routes at Stud Park allowing seamless travel to Monash University".

Knox Council identified the Rowville rail link, the Stud Road SmartBus and the Knox City tram extension as being key components in achieving the target of twenty per cent public transport patronage by 2020. Frequent bus services would also assist in alleviating traffic problems along Stud Road.

"Fast, frequent bus services along Wellington Rd and Stud Rd would be inexpensive and quick to provide", Dr. Morton said. "The only thing that prevents action is the hostile attitude of the state government towards public transport in the outer east".

About public transport in Knox

PTUA data indicated that only one quarter of Melbourne bus services operate on Sundays with even fewer operating during weekday evenings. Knox is particularly disadvantaged due to its distance from the rail network, although a Rowville rail link had been proposed for the last thirty years. Knox City Shopping Centre has no public transport in the evenings despite the popularity of its entertainment precinct. Bus route 665 along Stud Road is Melbourne's seventh most patronised bus service yet lacks frequent and evening services.

About the PTUA

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