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Users Praise New Year's Eve Transport

The Public Transport Users Association today welcomed significant improvements to public transport for New Year's Eve.

"Last year thousands were left stranded when services finished up for the night," PTUA president Daniel Bowen said. "Anybody who saw the video footage we shot knows what a shambles it was. The government and operators are to be commended for addressing the capacity and safety issues this year."

"We are pleased to recommend public transport for people wanting to celebrate in the city this year, and we hope the public will take full advantage of the free services."

Trains, trams, and NightRider buses will now run all night. Importantly, trains and trams will run at high frequencies immediately after the fireworks, and total system capacity out of the CBD has more than tripled over last year. People will not need to rush to catch last services, and hopefully fewer will be tempted to take risks on the roads.

"The improvements show the government and operators can work together to create a solution that will meet the needs of Melbourne", Mr Bowen said.

"We do have concerns over the lack of train services into the city after midnight for suburban party-goers. And many suburbs lacking train or tram services won't have buses running to fill the gaps. But overall this is a huge improvement to New Year's Eve public transport. With live music, fireworks and fine weather predicted, it should be a great night", concluded Mr Bowen.

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Last Modified: 28 December 2004