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No Shops Without Service

An expanded Chadstone needs expanded public transport

The proposed expansion of Chadstone Shopping Centre must be accompanied by an expansion of public transport services to better cater for shoppers, say the Public Transport Users Association.

In a presentation to the planning panel hearing the application for the expansion, PTUA spokesman Vaughan Williams outlined the lack of effective public transport to Chadstone. In particular, Mr Williams emphasised to the panel that the proposed expansion must include improved public transport services and facilities at Chadstone, in order to prevent even worse traffic and parking problems than already exist.

"Developers are quite rightly expected to contribute to the cost of electricity, water and road infrastructure. We should also expect them to pay for the public transport services their developments require." said Mr Williams.

"Buses should be running every 10-15 minutes during retail hours, seven days a week, to serve both staff and shoppers, and at least every 20 minutes until at least midnight to serve patrons of the cinemas and restaurants," said Mr. Williams. "The developer knows services are dreadful, especially on Sunday, one of the busiest trading days."

"But the developer wants to address this by saying that services might or could improve in the future - and they're not willing to put up any money towards these improved services."

"We cannot allow such a major development when the delivery of essential services is still purely hypothetical."

Mr Williams pointed out that Chadstone is one of the few major shopping precincts in Melbourne not served by a railway station or tram line, and as such required frequent bus services at all times facilities were open, to allow patrons to use the centre without causing traffic and parking problems in the vicinity.

"The Panel should refuse planning permission for this development unless and until there is a firm arrangement in place to upgrade public transport to an adequate standard - and the developer needs to put some money on the table towards this upgrade," concluded Mr Williams.

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Last Modified: 23 August 2004