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Doncaster Hill will dismay without public transport

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) attributes a lack of public transport infrastructure and commitment is one of the key reasons for failure behind Doncaster Hill.

"Developers are withdrawing from Doncaster Hill for a number of reasons," PTUA Outer East Branch Convener, Alex Makin stated. "One of which is the lack of serious infrastructure investment by the state government and the failure of Manningham Council to push for action".

"Despite Doncaster Hill being touted as the pinnacle of sustainable development there is no commitment to providing sustainable transport such as the proposed heavy-rail line to Doncaster East and a tram extension along Doncaster Road from North Balwyn through to Doncaster Hill. Manningham Council is clearly failing both developers and residents in not advocating for these initiatives" Mr. Makin said.

The East Doncaster rail line was proposed as part of the 1969 Transport Plan, along with the Eastern Freeway. While the Freeway was built (with remaining sections to be completed by 2008), the corresponding rail line wasn’t. Doncaster Hill is a designated principal activity centre with one of its key objectives being the providing of better public transport links.

"Doncaster Hill will clearly fail in the objective of greater public transport use and sustainability if essential public transport infrastructure is not provided" Mr. Makin said. "Manningham Council must lobby the State Government to ensure that Doncaster receives much needed public transport improvement. It can begin to do this through conducting a feasibility study on the Doncaster Road tram extension."

2002 census data indicated that residents in Manningham have a greater reliance on cars, with three or four car families being a common sight. This is reflected by the limited public transport options.

"If the state government is serious about public transport and the sustainable development concept of Doncaster Hill it will now promise to build the East Doncaster rail line and the tram extension along Doncaster Road as well as provide significant bus service improvements linking Doncaster to Box Hill and Ringwood. This vision is consistent with government policy of establishing strong public transport interconnectivity between designated activity centres".

"One only needs to look to Perth to see examples of public transport investment being the key driver for revitalisation," Mr. Makin said. "A similar vision is required for Doncaster Hill and this should be the option championed by Manningham Council".

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Last Modified: 21 August 2004