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Geelong Branch Media Release


Long March between Buses

Some bus users will have to walk almost two city blocks to change buses at the revamped Moorabool Street interchange, the Public Transport Users Association warned today.

Geelong Branch Convenor Tim Petersen said changes to bus stops in the central city would turn it into "an OK central drop-off and pick-up area, but not an acceptable bus interchange."

Mr Petersen said some bus travellers would now have to walk up to two city blocks to change between buses as they travel from one side of Geelong to the other. "That's twice the distance the City expects motorists to walk from car parks to shops."

"It wouldn't be accepted as a transport interchange anywhere else in the world."

Mr Petersen said it was a particular issue for older people and other passengers with limited mobility. "And for everyone else, having to walk two blocks between buses isn't going to encourage people to use public transport to make trips across the suburbs."

In the short term, he called for an extra bus stop closer to Moorabool Street for the Newcomb service, which was particularly isolated from the other bus stops.

Mr Petersen said the answer was to run all buses through the central city and the Geelong Railway Station- including Belmont, Highton and Melbourne Road routes that still don't use the station interchange. "Buses arriving at the station would allow passengers to change buses or transfer to the trains."

Mr Petersen said the PTUA remained disappointed that the City thought rearranging bus stops and car parking around Moorabool Street was the answer to the central city's problems. "For a truly 'revitalised' central city, Geelong needs a good public transport system and limits on retail development in the outer suburbs."

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Last Modified: 18 May 2003