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Geelong Branch Media Release


Users Call for Geelong Fare Reform

The PTUA's Geelong Branch today released its Geelong Fare Reform Discussion paper, calling on the State Government to reduce fare prices and introduce integrated fares between Geelong and Melbourne.

Spokesman Tim Petersen said action was needed to correct the inequitable fare system which sees Geelong train users paying 75% more for a ticket to Melbourne than train users travelling a similar distance from Melbourne's outer south-eastern suburbs.

"It is doubly unfair that while suburban travellers' tickets entitle them to travel on any public transport in Melbourne all day, Geelong travellers have to buy extra tickets to travel on Geelong buses and the rest of Melbourne's public transport (apart from the City Loop.)"

Mr Petersen said that this meant the total cost of a return trip to inner Melbourne could blow out to over $28 per adult. "It's just not competitive with the costs of driving, and is actively discouraging greater use of public transport," Mr Petersen said.

Under the PTUA's proposal, fares from inner Melbourne to any station between Lara and South Geelong would be reduced to a flat fare. The flat fare would be based on the current price of tickets between Melbourne and Lara; for example, an adult return fare would cost $14.20.

Train fares between Geelong and Melbourne would also be integrated with urban Geelong (GTS) and Melbourne metropolitan fare systems, by automatically including travel on Geelong buses and some of Melbourne's public transport in the fare price. Travellers to inner Melbourne would be entitled to travel on any public transport services in Zone 1, while travellers to Werribee would be entitled to travel in Zone 2.

Mr Petersen said the proposal was reasonable, as the flat fare would still be above the $11.40 equivalent Daily fare from outer metropolitan Melbourne, and could be implemented almost immediately following minor changes to the ticketing system. He said the fare cut had been costed at approximately $1.5 million per annum.

Mr Petersen said copies of the discussion paper had been sent to all Geelong MP's as well as to the Minister for Transport, Peter Batchelor. "Given that V/Line is back in public hands until at least 2006, this is an ideal opportunity to reform fares while less complex contractual arrangements apply," Mr Petersen concluded.

Contact: Tim Petersen, Geelong Branch Convenor. Mobile: 0428 220 082

Geelong Fare Reform Discussion Paper

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