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Geelong Branch Media Release


PTUA slams Batchelor’s $400 million ring road recommendation

$ 3/4 Billion for Geelong freeways but Labor won’t lift a finger on local buses

The Geelong Branch of the Public Transport Users Association today slammed the Minister for Transport, Peter Batchelor's recommendation that a $400 million western ring road around Geelong be built. Spokesperson Tim Petersen said that while Labor seemed keen to spend almost three-quarters of a billion dollars on freeways, Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula were still waiting for basic local bus services.

"Labor has already spent almost $300 million on the Geelong road upgrade, and is now recommending $400 million more for the Geelong ring road, bringing the total to almost three-quarters of a billion dollars."

Mr Petersen said Labor's commitments on public transport ($69 million on Fast Rail and "drop in the ocean" funding for minor local bus improvements), paled in comparison to its road spending. "It even rejected a $7 million Grovedale Station as too expensive," Mr Petersen said.

"It appears that Labor's idea of balanced transport is to spend ten times more money on freeways than on public transport."

Mr Petersen said it was clear that Labor was out of touch with the transport needs of the community. "Public transport within Geelong is appalling: buses stop before 7pm, and Bellarine Peninsula residents wait hours between buses. It is no wonder that Geelong people use public transport at one-fifth the rate per person of Melbourne."

Mr Petersen said the ring road study had been shown to be a "complete charade," and had failed to investigate a public transport alternative. "It is clear that the study had already decided from the beginning that a western ring road would go ahead. Cheaper, more environmentally-friendly, and socially responsible improvements to public transport were never considered."

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Last Modified: 15 October 2002