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Geelong Branch Media Release


Public Transport an Election Issue for Geelong

Users call for frequent trains, integrated fares and an end to overcrowding

As the state election approaches, Geelong's public transport users are demanding a new deal from major parties on the region's public transport.

"Geelong's public transport is completely inadequate; and Geelong people know it," said spokesperson for the Geelong Branch of the Public Transport Users Association, Tim Petersen. "As a core State Government responsibility, public transport will directly influence the election outcome in Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula."

Mr Petersen said Geelong's train travellers were enduring a service that was infrequent, overcrowded and far too expensive. "Public transport users want trains at least every half-hour, an end to overcrowding, and integrated fares that are competitive with the cost of driving."

Mr Petersen said voters were looking for specific commitments from parties on improving Geelong's rail service. "The Liberal Party's pledge to build Grovedale Station is a good start. And once key infrastructure is in place, good public transport is all about service."

Mr Petersen said voters in the region should expect the following commitments on trains:

  • Half-hourly trains to and from Melbourne; every 15 minutes during peaks.
  • Train fares that include travel on Geelong buses and metropolitan Melbourne's public transport.
  • A guarantee that overcrowding will be fixed.
  • Construction of a Grovedale station (already pledged by the Liberal Party,) with connecting buses and train services seven-days-a-week.
  • Return of staff and a public telephone to Corio Station, which were removed under the Bracks Government.

Next week, the PTUA will release guidelines for better bus services.

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Last Modified: 10 October 2002