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Budget 2002 still fundamentally unbalanced

Lavish road spending at the expense of public transport

Public Transport Users Association has criticised the priorities of the State government in this years state budget.

PTUA Secretary Vaughan Williams said that the budget was still fundamentally unbalanced with massive road projects and still inadequate investment in public transport.

"The extension of suburban train services to Roxburgh Park and Craigieburn is particularly welcome, along with the beginning of work on the Knox City tram extension," said Mr Williams

"We are pleased to see the Government followed our advice in providing a 'shadow bus' to complete the link to Knox City from Vermont South until the rest of the tram extension can be completed. The same principle should be applied to the train extension to Craigieburn, with a bus meeting every train at Broadmeadows."

Mr Williams said that the budget was, however, disappointing in its largesse for urban freeways.

"The Government is concerned to be financially responsible and yet has committed almost half a billion dollars to the unnecessary and destructive Scoresby Freeway," said Mr Williams. "This wasted money is much more than all the public transport initiatives put together, and so much more could have been done to improve public transport across Victoria."

"Despite some worthwhile initiatives, this budget is still fundamentally unbalanced in the transport portfolio. The people of Melbourne want a government that will give them the best public transport in the world. Instead, they are getting more of the same policies that entrench car dependancy," concluded Mr Williams

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Last Modified: 07 May 2002