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Yarra Council Candidates Scored on Sustainable Transport

The Public Transport Users Association has announced its assessment of candidates in this month's elections for Yarra City Council.

PTUA Secretary Vaughan Williams said that the Association had scored the candidates on four criteria - policy, understanding of the issues, track record and implementation strategy. Mr Williams said the PTUA had considered candidates response to a survey, performance at public meetings, and the contents of their publicity material.

"Overall, we were impressed with the attitude of most of the candidates to the need for sustainable transport and to overcome car dependency," said Mr Williams. "The PTUA is independent of all political parties and assessed all the candidates on their merits."

"On the material before us, we believe that the Australian Greens ticket, lead by local community activist Greg Barber and sitting Nicholson Ward councillor Gurm Sekhon, has provided the most well-informed, considered response to our survey. Mr Barber and Cr Sekhon both have excellent track records for the cause of sustainable transport."

"We have also given good ratings to several independent and Community Labor candidates. Nicholson ward independent candidate Lynda Memery, sitting Merri Ward councillor Robyn Williams, Fitzroy Residents Association President Geoff Barbour and the founder of the Environmental Transport Action Group Annabel Barbara are all worthy of consideration for residents votes."

Mr Williams said that the PTUA had released its Candidate Report Card

"We urge local residents to take our report card into consideration when deciding which candidates to vote for."

"Whatever the outcome of the election, we hope that Yarra Council will no longer be the weakest link on transport and will start truly representing the needs of its community," concluded Mr Williams.

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Last Modified: 07 March 2002