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Guarded Support for Skybus Boost

Fare Integration Overdue, Say Users

The Public Transport Users Association today welcomed the improvements to the Skybus airport bus service, but said an opportunity to integrate the service with the rest of the public transport system had been missed.

PTUA Vice President Dr Anna Morton said the bus priority measures were a much-needed improvement to the service. "This is exactly the sort of thing we've been saying for years should be applied right across metropolitan bus network," Dr Morton said. "To see these implemented on a vital service like Skybus is a very positive step."

However, Dr Morton said the government had missed an important opportunity to integrate Skybus fares with the rest of the metropolitan system. "It's vitally important that public transport services operate as a coherent, integrated network," Dr Morton said. "At the moment most people are deterred from using Skybus because they have to pay one fare to get from home to Spencer Street and then the $12 Skybus fare to the airport. Skybus should be brought within the Metcard system, even if that means it's in Zone 3."

Dr Morton expressed hope that more improvements would follow in the future. "In the long term, what we really need are train services. No costly hi-tech juggernauts, just an extension of the existing suburban services would be sufficient. Given the amount of airport traffic in a large city like Melbourne, and all the traffic jams on the freeway, it's absolutely criminal that we don't have a high-capacity public transport link," Dr Morton said.

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Last Modified: 13 June 2002