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Passengers welcome Public Transport Ombudsman

The Public Transport Users Association has welcomed today's announcement from Transport Minister Peter Batchelor that the Government will establish a Public Transport Ombudsman.

PTUA Secretary Vaughan Williams said that the Ombudsman would provide another important "piece of the puzzle" to provide a better deal for passengers in Victoria's privatised public transport system.

"When the Kennett government privatised public transport, it failed to provide an independent mechanism for unhappy customers to have their problems resolved. Currently, if a passenger is unhappy with the response they get from operators there is little they can do to have their complaint reviewed independently. An Ombudsman can not only provide this facility, but can also provide important feedback on systematic problems and help correct them," said Mr Williams

"In every other essential service that has been privatised, the establishment of an Ombudsman has helped protect consumers - be it banking, telecommunications or electricity. We are glad to see public transport will soon join them."

Mr Williams said that the Association was pleased to be invited to join the Working Party.

"We believe we can provide the unique perspective of the public transport passenger and this will be very important to feed into the planning process."

"We congratulate the Government on this important initiative and look forward to being of assistance in planning for the establishment of the Public Transport Ombudsman," concluded Mr Williams

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Last Modified: 30 July 2002