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Call for Fare System Simplification

Scrap Single-Mode Tickets, say Users

The Public Transport Users Association today called for simplification of the fare system on Melbourne's public transport including the abolition of single operator tickets such as the Connector Plus and the Baysider.

PTUA Secretary Vaughan Williams said that a meeting of PTUA members last night unanimously endorsed a proposal for a fare system which was easy to understand, affordable and encouraged the use of periodical and group tickets.

"A key part of our proposal is the abolition of single mode and single operator tickets such as Connector Plus, Baysider and single trip bus tickets issued by bus operators," said Mr Williams.

"For the sake of simplicity and integration, we believe these tickets should be phased out. Passengers find them confusing, and they have the effect of penalising passengers who need to transfer."

"For public transport to provide a serious alternative to the car, it needs to be made convenient to transfer from one service to another, and this means that fare systems that impose any penalty on passengers who have to transfer are counterproductive. We oppose single mode tickets because they undermine integration and complicate the system unnecessarily."

Mr Williams called on Connex to discontinue their advertising campaign for the Connex-only Connector Plus ticket.

"We don't think its appropriate for resources to be put into marketing a ticket that undermines integration and confuses passengers. Connex should stop taking out full page ads in MX for the Connector Plus and spend their marketing budget on something more useful, preferably in co-operation with the other operators," said Mr Williams.

Other aspects of the new PTUA Fares Policy include approximate revenue neutrality and the extension of Met-style fares to regional Victoria and the Airport buses.

"The introduction of multimodal fares immediately increased patronage on all services when they were introduced in the early 1980's, and we believe the simplification and expansion of our successful system would be a positive step for public transport in Melbourne," concluded Mr Williams

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Last Modified: 04 July 2002