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Stamp Out Re-Validation

The Public Transport Users Association has called for the scrapping of the contentious 'validate every trip' component of the Metcard ticketing system.

Under the unpopular Metcard system, passengers are required to insert their ticket into a validation machine on every boarding, regardless of the type of ticket, and regardless of whether the ticket has already been validated or not.

"Having to validate each boarding is one of the things users hate about the current system," said PTUA Secretary Vaughan Williams

"If a passenger gets a bus to their station, a train to the city, and then a tram to their office or university each day, they must validate their ticket six times a day."

"Re-validation is an unhelpful feature because:

  • It inconveniences passengers, who dislike re-validating their ticket for no useful purpose
  • It treats regular passengers with disdain and reduces the attractiveness of periodical tickets
  • It does not give useful information to the operators
  • It misleads the operators by letting them think they are getting useful information"

"There have been a few small improvements to the ticketing system announced by the Government recently. We hope that this new change can be incorporated quickly", concluded Mr Williams

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Last Modified: 21 August 2002