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Time for the minister to take control

The Public Transport Users Association welcomes the announcement by Transport Minister Peter Batchelor that the contracts relating to the operation of public transport in Victoria are to be reviewed.

"It is good to see the minister finally do something to overhaul public transport, rather than just saying his hands are tied by the Kennett government contracts." said Anna Morton, Vice President of the PTUA. "This is an opportunity for the government to regain control of the public transport system and institute centralised planning to achieve co-ordination between trains, trams and buses, and better, more frequent and more reliable services."

Dr. Morton said that statements by the shadow Minister, Geoff Leigh, that the contract reviews would lead to compensation payouts to the operators were unjustified. "The operators are going broke anyway." said Dr. Morton. "They have not been able to provide the contracted services at the contracted price, so why should the State have to pay compensation?"

Dr. Morton also welcomed the proposed move to one operator each for tram and train services, saying that the division of the systems was artificial and unjustified, and did not have a place in an integrated, multimodal transport system such as Melbourne's.

"We hope that the Minister will use this opportunity to pull the operators into line and work towards a truly co-ordinated, well planned and well run public transport system." said Dr. Morton in conclusion.

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Last Modified: 08 August 2002