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Half-full pork barrel does nothing for Labor's chances

Deakin, La Trobe and Aston preferences still in the balance after public meeting

Residents in the marginal seats of La Trobe and Aston slammed the ALP's support for the Scoresby Freeway at last night's public meeting in Boronia.

About 50 people heard from the Democrats and Greens candidates and Michael Buxton, who represented ALP candidate Philip Staindl. Liberal candidate Bob Charles declined to provide a written message, which would have been read to the public. Both minor parties condemned the ALP and the Liberals for supporting the expensive ring road and minimal public transport options.

The ALP's recent announcement to provide token funding for local public transport was met with scepticism.

'Public transport options must be provided before the freeway is built, and Labor has ruled this out,' said PTUA president Dr Paul Mees. The audience was reminded that the train line to Doncaster was promised when the Eastern Freeway was built in the 70s, and has never been constructed.

'The community is looking for a reason to put Labour ahead of the Liberals in Aston and La Trobe,' he continued 'and we are yet to see clear air between their positions.'

Minor party preferences will be crucial in deciding the marginal seat.

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Last Modified: 01 November 2001