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Geelong Branch Media Release


Timetable Booklets Restored!

The Geelong Branch of the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) today congratulated Benders Busways and McHarry's Buslines for heeding the calls of bus users and reintroducing an integrated timetable booklet for urban Geelong buses.

"It's fantastic to have some good news to report on Geelong's buses," said spokesperson Tim Petersen. "Bus users also need to be aware that the new timetable will apply from Monday 24 September, and that some route and timetable changes have been made."

Last year, Benders decided to scrap the integrated timetable booklet in favour of individual timetables for each route. "However, it left Geelong bus users to collect more than 12 different timetables to allow them to make their way around Geelong," Mr. Petersen said. "Furthermore, with no map of the whole system available, it meant bus users had difficulty knowing which route they needed to take." McHarry's also stopped producing timetable booklets for Bellarine Transit services.

Geelong's bus companies, McHarry's and Benders, have now cooperated to reintroduce a comprehensive timetable booklet, containing a map of all GTS bus routes and railway stations. "We'd like to thank them for recognising the problems caused by the scrapping of the booklets, and for taking steps to rectify the situation," Mr Petersen said. "We're also looking forward to the expected reintroduction of a Bellarine Transit timetable booklet by McHarry's."

"The next step towards integration of Geelong's public transport system, is organising connections between buses and trains. This, however, requires the Bracks Government to take the initiative and make a real commitment to improving our public transport."

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Last Modified: 19 September 2001