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Bus service improvements scrapped

The Public Transport Users Association today claimed that the promised improvement in bus services along Springvale and Blackburn Roads has been scrapped. The improvements, which featured more frequent services, evening services and Sunday services, were planned as part of the Kennett government's "Smart Bus" project. But this year's budget quietly deleted the funding allocated for service improvements, leaving the Smart Bus project as nothing more than electronic timetable signs at a few bus stops.

PTUA President Dr. Paul Mees condemned the decision to scrap the service improvements.

"People in the eastern suburbs have been demanding proper bus services, not silly electronic gadgetry. Current service levels are hopeless. For example, the Springvale Road bus runs every two hours on Saturday afternoons and doesn't run at all on Sundays. What is the use of an electronic display telling someone travelling on Saturday evening that they have to wait until Monday morning for the next bus?" Dr. Mees said.

"The scrapping of the bus service improvements reveals that the propaganda from various politicians about 'integrated transport' in the east is not sincere. All the funding and energy is going into the Scoresby Freeway, and public transport is getting nothing except hot air. It's time local councils and the State government started representing the community, instead of acting as servants of the road lobby." he said

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Last Modified: 04 September 2001