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Geelong Branch Media Release


Graffiti painted over- But what about station staff?

The Geelong Branch of the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) today thanked Peter Loney, MLA for Geelong North, for responding to the PTUA's calls to have the extensive vandalism at Corio Station cleaned up. However, spokesperson Tim Petersen warned that the action could be little more than "a band-aid solution," with many issues remaining unresolved.

Mr. Petersen originally made the call after receiving complaints from commuters, who were angry that graffiti at Corio Station had been covering station buildings for weeks on end. The vandalism flourished after V/Line's operator, National Express, removed station staff and boarded-up the station buildings over summer.

"The station was an absolute disgrace. While vandalism is never an easy problem to solve, nothing demonstrated the value of having a human presence at stations, better than the graffiti which covered Corio Station after the station was boarded up."

"The fact that vandals were able to deface the station buildings right under the gaze of platform surveillance cameras, does nothing to reassure passengers about their own personal safety or the safety of their cars." Earlier this year, vandals smashed a number of car windows in the station car park.

Mr. Petersen said that while the Geelong Branch thanked Peter Loney for his quick response to the issue, his constituents in the northern suburbs still deserved to have their public infrastructure protected and accessible. "It is disappointing that a perfectly good station building and toilets are permanently locked to the public."

"It appears that penny-pinching by National Express in removing staff, could result not only in worse service for the northern suburbs, but also a greater cost to the public in the long run."

"If the Corio Railway Station is to attract more passengers, it needs staffing, more stopping train services, a bus link to Corio Village and upgraded parking facilities. Almost abandoning the station just isn't good enough."

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Last Modified: 28 August 2001