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Thousands call for Public Transport First

A petition calling for public transport improvements as a higher priority than the Scoresby Freeway is proving a resounding success, the Public Transport Users Association said today.

The petition, co-sponsored by the PTUA and Environment Victoria, calls upon the Federal Government to defer any decision on federal funding for the Scoresby Freeway until the area's transport needs are properly and independently evaluated as promised before the last state election.

PTUA Secretary Vaughan Williams said that the petition had already attracted over a thousand signatures from residents.

"With the Maroondah Mayor boasting of 250 signatures on his pro-Freeway petition, the success of the pro-public transport petition clearly shows that the Freeway doesn't have community support and public transport is a higher priority," said Mr Williams

"The PTUA is a community organisation with limited resources, and yet we have still attracted more than four times as many signatures to our petition without wasting any ratepayer's money. The pro-freeway petition, despite having the resources of a municipality behind it, has hardly attracted any support at all."

"The Maroondah Council is playing selfish politics by trying to inflict the consequences of freeway-building on their neighbours in Knox. Its time councils in the area got together to support public transport and reduce the need for more roads instead of fighting over who is going to have to put up with the inevitable congestion new roads bring."

"Councils in the area should stop wasting ratepayer funds lobbying for Federal funding for a road that doesn't even qualify. To be entitled to Federal money a road has to reduce greenhouse emissions, and the Environment Effects Statement told us this one will increase them. It also has to be part of an integrated transport and land use plan, which is why any possible funding should be deferred until we actually have an integrated transport and land use plan," concluded Mr Williams

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Last Modified: 18 January 2001