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Return of Discounted Fares Applauded

The Public Transport Users Association has applauded yesterdays announcement from Transport Minister Peter Batchelor that the discounted fares scrapped by Victoria's private rail operators will be reinstated.

PTUA Secretary Vaughan Williams said that Mr Batchelor's intervention to protect passengers was a timely reminder of the Government's responsibility to supervise the private operators properly.

"The Government didn't even know the operators were going to pull this stunt until after the event. We hope this intervention means that the Minister will be more vigilant in future," said Mr Williams

"While we're very pleased that the discounted tickets will return, we hope that any proposal to replace them is subjected to wide scrutiny and consultation before being implemented."

"It is very important that any replacement tickets are multimodal, like the ones they are replacing. Otherwise, somebody who catches a bus to the station or a tram to their destination will not be able to take advantage of these tickets."

The PTUA also expressed concern that the previously discounted V-line tickets have still risen by 20 - 30%.

"The date-to-date V-line ticket has still risen sharply, by far more than CPI. The V-line group getaway ticket has also risen by a massive 30%," said Mr Williams

"The Government has made a good start with its intervention yesterday, but country travellers need to be protected too."

"The government and the private operators have acknowledged their mistake with the metropolitan tickets - they now need to correct it with the country ones as well," concluded Mr Williams

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Last Modified: 05 January 2001