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Hopes Rise for Well Planned Regional Fast Rail

A "frank and forthright" exchange of views took place yesterday between the Minister for Transport and the peak transport users' group, the Public Transport Users Association. The meeting was held at the request of the Minister for Transport.

High on the list of concerns of the Association was making sure that the Regional Fast Rail Project were planned and implemented properly.

The PTUA had been concerned that the planning and implementation would be undertaken by people with insufficient expertise and done without proper community consultation. The President of the PTUA, Dr Paul Mees, urged the Minister to include the Association at the highest possible level as part of a working group with proper funds and staff to manage the project.

"The Minister appeared to understand our concerns were genuine, and we are now cautiously optimistic that the government will work with us in a meaningful way," said PTUA spokesperson Wendy Everingham.

"The project is a massive undertaking, and with resources scarce in the field of public transport planning, it is essential that all people with relevant expertise are included."

"The PTUA has expertise in transport planning, transport economics, engineering and architecture, close links with many of the worlds best transport planners and providers, and the in-depth knowledge of a membership of regular public transport users."

"The government has acknowledged this by arranging this meeting", added Ms Everingham

"A golden opportunity lies at the foot of the Bracks government. If the Regional Fast Rail projects can be planned and implemented well, regional Victorian's will have a transport network to be proud of", concluded Ms Everingham.

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Last Modified: 2 October 2000