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Release of Fast Train Reports Stalled by Bureaucracy

The Public Transport Users Association's long awaited Freedom of Information request for the feasibility studies for the fast train links for Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and Traralgon was yesterday rejected on a technicality by the Department of Infrastructure.

PTUA spokesperson Wendy Everingham said :

"This result is very disappointing. After the long 45 day wait we have been told that four feasibility studies have been completed, but that the Department will not release them because we have not specifically named them!"

"We requested access to all documents in relation to the Reference Group Reports and specifically identified what the reports we were seeking are about. The department's response was that the Reference Groups were only part of the feasibility process and as they themselves had not written the reports, no reports existed in relation to our application. The department's administrator then happily informed us that four feasibility reports had been completed, but would not be released to us."

"This is clearly a case of a bureaucrat playing with words and stalling the process. It is further evidence that there is no hurry to have these reports in the public forum, even though most of the reports have been completed since March," said Ms Everingham.

The PTUA believes Victorians have a right to this information, sooner rather than later. The government was very happy to promote the fast train reforms early in its term.

"The PTUA will be appealing this decision today." Concluded spokesperson Wendy Everingham.

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Last Modified: 23 August 2000