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Where are the Fast Train Reports?

After months of waiting for the promised release of the consultant reports on the regional fast train feasibility studies, the Public Transport Users Association has applied for their release under the Freedom of Information Act. Today the PTUA lodged an FOI request on the Brack's Government to release all the relevant documents for the Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong and Traralgon rail corridors.

PTUA spokesperson Wendy Everingham said:

"The Victorian public, who are paying for these reports, have waited long enough for their release. The new government has promised openness and accountability in decision-making, so it's about time we saw the reports."

Ms Everignham added:

"Country Victoria was the government's ace at the last election. After promising voters improvements to country rail services it is time that the government showed how genuine it is by following through.  We are mystified by the delay in releasing the reports and all sorts of rumours are circulating about the reasons for the delay."

"Some have suggested that the private sector are not willing to pick up the extra costs over the 80 million promised by the government. This underlines our concern about the government's insistence that rail services must be provided in a partnership between government and private enterprise. As this philosophy does not apply to the road network it should not apply to the rail network."

"Others have suggested that the reports show that more than the $80 million budgeted for will be required to build the rail links. This should not present a problem: the State government has committed itself to spending over a billion dollars on new freeways in Melbourne, some of which (e.g. the Scoresby Freeway; State contribution $500 million) were not even mentioned in its election platform. Until the reports are released these questions remain unanswered."

"We urge the government reveal the results of the findings. The community has been left waiting long enough. The findings are essential for the community to provide essential feedback into the process. We don't want to find that everything is 'commercial in confidence' and decisions are made without all stakeholders' input", said Ms Everingham.

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Last Modified: 11 June 2000